Wirra Wirra ‘Work of Art’

Lara Shannon Consulting was responsible for the promotion of the Wirra Wirra ‘Work of Art’ campaign which saw one of the world’s largest bottles of wine constructed out of corks at Melbourne’s Southbank in March 2010.

To coincide with the Melbourne Food & Wine festival in March 2010, South Australian winery Wirra Wirra wanted to enhance brand awareness of its popular Church Block wine by creating one of the world’s largest bottles of wine – made out of corks. Lara Shannon Consulting was engaged to promote this initiative and developed a two-stage publicity campaign. The first PR push focused on the increased move away from corks as wine bottle closures, to screw caps, and posed the question ‘where have all the corks gone?’ to the media and public.

To generate publicity a link to the Girl Guides Cork Recycling program was established, helping raise funds for Girl Guides Australia, as well as generating corks for use on the Wirra Wirra ‘Work of Art’. This initial PR was rolled out in January and was followed up by the ‘Work of Art’ construction and completion publicity in March, supported by wine tastings and a launch event at Southbank, hosted by comedian Peter Rowsthorn.

Both the Girl Guides cork collection and ‘Work of Art’ campaigns received press, TV and radio coverage, primarily in Melbourne and South Australia, the two key target audiences.


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